By 2032, we want to see an additional 285 scholars serving around the world beyond the 315 Langham has already equipped in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. These scholars will collectively help raise up 4.6 million future church planters, Bible teachers, pastors and Christian leaders over the course of their ministries.

All In for Scholars

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Langham Scholar – South Asia

Leads a theological seminary in South Asia training future church leaders to serve in a region where Christians are a marginalized community.

“God has enabled me to receive the best education, and I want to use it for the least of our country.”

*withheld for security reasons due to work in a sensitive country

All Glory to God

This single South Asian scholar’s innovative programs that are advancing God’s Kingdom in multiple ways:


2,000 churches have been planted through newly trained indigenous leaders from the Bible college.


More than 1,500 children a year are receiving a quality education with a Christian worldview.


Hundreds of pastors across South Asia are being equipped by indigenous trainers to disciple believers in their churches.


Hundreds of families have increased their income up to 8 times through an innovative, indigenously-led microenterprise program.

Every scholar will help raise up 9,478 Christian leaders in their own region over a lifetime of ministry. 

1. Multiply scholars. 

This campaign is enabling a 50% increase in the number of scholars mobilized. Over 15 years, a total of 285 more scholars are being raised up, who will go on to equip another 2.7 million church leaders. This will bring the total number to 600 scholars serving in approximately 100 countries. 

2. Maximize scholars.

This campaign is enabling Langham to maximize the influence of current and graduated scholars. Scholars and their families are being better shepherded through their PhD studies to serve for the long term. 150% more graduated scholars are receiving additional advanced training to address pressing local issues like corruption and sex trafficking.