The Campaign for Langham Partnership

About the Campaign

God’s Word changes lives. But when 80% of the world’s Bible teachers lack basic biblical training, congregations lack a solid foundation in God’s Word and are ill-equipped to apply the Gospel to the root issues of society. As churches rapidly grow, there has never been a more important time to stand shoulder to shoulder with Langham and raise up new generations of Bible teachers. 

Will you join us as we go “All In for the Global Church”?

The Massive Growth of the Global Church

The growth of the church outside the West has been an outstanding trend of the past century. By 2050, 77% percent of Christians will live in the Majority World compared to 18% in 1900. Yet the church’s amazing, cumulative 370% growth over the past 120 years is largely in parts of the world characterized by poverty, pressure and potential.

Langham Brings Sustainable Depth to Growth

Langham Partnership has a 50+ year history of training and resourcing indigenous biblical leaders who faithfully shepherd the church. The impact of scholars, literature, and well-trained preachers is bearing fruit across 130+ nations. Over the years, we have refined how to strengthen and multiply leaders for the global church. 

But three key distinctives in Langham’s approach are unchanging, and they reflect the heart of our founder, John Stott: 

We listen.

We are invited into countries, and we listen as local leaders identify the most pressing issues in their cultures. 

We equip local leaders.

We equip indigenous pastors, leaders, publishers and writers, enabling them to multiply disciples in their nations. 

We focus on God’s Word.

We help churches become deeply rooted in God’s Word so they can provide biblical solutions that address local issues.

A Letter from Ben Homan


Ben and Annette Homan

“All In for the Global Church” is a bold initiative in response to the most urgent need of the global church: more biblically trained leaders and resources to proclaim Christ. But this global need requires a global response–and that’s why we invite you to join us and say, “I’m All In for the Global Church!”