We want to see training for preachers expanded to train 15,000 preachers per year, across 150 people groups, by 2032. These preaching movements are fully directed by local leaders and are developing towards financial independence.

All In for Preachers

Langham-trained pastor Fernando Fernandez has no doubt what has caused such a growth in his church, from 18 to over 200 members. “It is the preaching of the Word that I learned through Langham,” testifies Fernando. But more than growth in numbers, the church is growing in depth and applying God’s Word in their families, workplaces and communities.

“When the people of this church meet with God’s Word, their lives are transformed.”

–Fernando Fernandez, Langham-trained pastor, Bolivia

All Glory to God

Fernando’s Langham-trained preaching of God’s Word is transforming lives in so many ways:


“I was really a rebel son. Because of the sermons on Proverbs, it got into my heart the desire to listen and know better my parents. We are now reconciled… I consider it a miracle.”
– Carlos, church member


“The preaching has taught me that God is not far away from me, but He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to be with me day by day, in my life.”
– Marianna, church member


“The preaching has taught me to be a better father, how to relate with my family, how to be better at my job…the teaching makes it easy to apply to life.”
– Pablo, church member


“The preaching equips me to be a better leader. Sometimes I ask, ‘Who am I to direct the Bolivian Bible Society in Bolivia?’ Every Sunday, the Word, the sermons, remind me that the Lord put me in that position.” – Fanny, church member and executive director of Bolivian Bible Society

Independent research shows a 300% increase in the use of sound Bible study skills among pastors who complete Langham’s training. 

1. Launch preaching movements.

Your gift will enable Langham to expand preaching movements to at least 150 people groups–a 250% increase (over 15 years)! A preaching “movement” is a sustained active commitment of a critical mass of local leaders who share a common language, culture and geographic proximity.

2. Multiply preaching clubs.

Your gift will enable Langham to multiply the number of overall preaching clubs to 2,500 clubs meeting around the world–a 500% increase (over 15 years)! Clubs meet regularly for preachers to practice what they have learned and pray for one another. A total of approximately 875,000 people will regularly receive quality preaching from preaching club participants.